THE-COOL-BOX Studio – Subtitling Service

We are a full-service subtitling company with a highly specialist workflow. Filming your lecture or conference, final video editing, transcription, translation, time-coding, embedding subtitles, proof reading, delivering final files allowing you to share your English, French and of course Arabic-language programming with audiences around the world. We’ve been providing subtitling services to a broad range of organizations, including corporations, independent producers, NGOs and government agencies.

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Filming & Editing
We document conferences and talks with minimum 2x cameras and then finalize the video edit as 1-3min event highlights or in full length.

Transcription & Translation
The next steps are transcription, content segregation and time coding. Translation follows and proofing in bi-lingual mode.

Prepare Final Delivery
Depending on your requirements we hard-code subtitles into the final video or provide the final subtitle and project files separately.