Frequently Asked Questions

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How would you define your style of photography?

My style of photography is a blend of photojournalism and portrait photography, a mixture of artistic posed portraits and fun, natural shots. This blend of photography allows me to document your story in a unique way, and I am thrilled to be writing the book through my camera lens!

Do you shoot video?

Yes we do, and have an amazing film team at THE-COOL-BOX Studio to capture those special moments...

How far should we book in advance?

Typically 6-12 months in advance as soon as you have a date and venue, but we do still occasionally have days free  when we least expect it.  Check with us for availability.

Who will be shooting the wedding?

Depending on the package You choose You will get a dedicated team and will be in touch with their lead photographer / cameraman or request for the recommended photographer of your choice. Please feel free to pass by our Studio to meet the team.

Do you shoot with a Support Photographer?

This is entirely up to you.  You have the option of just hiring our Lead Photographer or adding a second photographer to get different perspectives at your wedding.  Our team is highly professional and are reliable photographers that You will enjoy working with.

Do you travel and photograph weddings outside UAE?

Of course we love to travel and have shot destination weddings before. Additional charges for travel apply. Please email us the full details.

When should we do the wedding portraits?

This is mostly up to you, but usually a couple of hours before the ceremony with whats called the ‘first look’ or immediately following the ceremony. Shooting before the ceremony allows you to check one more thing off the day’s to-do list early on and, more importantly, to afford you and the wedding party a chance to enjoy the cocktail hour and mingle with your guests. Shooting after the ceremony, depending on the time, could allow you to take advantage of the setting sun and its softer light.

Do you shoot in RAW?

Yes. RAW allows us to get the best quality and image detail when were processing the photos.

Do you shoot with flash or available light? Do you shoot in black and white also?

Both! Each and every location has different lighting. Outdoors I’ll shoot available light with some use of reflectors or diffusion. Generally indoors I use just a touch of flash bounced off a ceiling or wall. If the venue is so dark I can’t see to even focus, I’ll pre-light the venue with my lighting kit. Since I’m shooting in digital, color or black and white images can be generated from the digital files. I usually convert some of my wedding favorites to black and white. You can request other images be converted or you can order the conversion when you order prints.

What kind of equipment do you use?

We shoot with high-end Canon digital cameras and fast F/ 2.8 prime zoom lenses. I always carry two cameras with a wide angle zoom and a telephoto zoom while shooting. In my bag are backups. I also have a full lighting kit that I’ll use if needed.

How long will my film be?

We provide an online mini film for you to share with friends and family, this is usually about 2-3 minutes long. You will receive the final film on DVD with your personal music selection and this is usually about 10 minutes long.

What if something happens to you and you cannot make it to my wedding?

It never happened that I was not able to photograph a wedding, however life is unpredictable and if something tragic were to happen, I have a network of Professional Photographers whom I can contact and trust to cover your event.

What about group shots, can we tell you what to shoot?

When we sit down to pre-plan your wedding photography, we’ll discuss all the events planned for the day any special things you have in mind. As a photojournalist, I capture the moments without directing your wedding. I do group shots on request but these are not traditional posed formals. I make them fun and shoot these between the wedding and the reception.

How many images do you take at a wedding?

We don’t keep a running tally. However shoot multiple images each time we raise our cameras. On a full-day wedding we often shoot anywhere between 900 – 3000 photographs depending on the length of a wedding and then narrow them down to 1/3 of that during the editing process. A careful edit post-wedding will take out bad frames and duplicates, blinks, blurs and wrong exposure. Your online album will have the color-corrected edits.

What makes your photography different from all the other wedding photographers? Why should I book you?

Wedding Photojournalism is often just a catch phrase used to attract clients. If you look around our site you’ll see that we are working photojournalists and do shoot for national editorials and corporate clients. Our Team has a good sense to anticipate the moment and capture it.

What is an “after” session?

This portraits session is held after the wedding.  The bride and groom get dresses up in their wedding attire and we take pictures at different locations that the couple chooses.  This usually lasts up to two hours, and can be exchanged or used in the place of an engagement session.  This is a chance for you to have fun, let loose and get some amazing pictures without the concern of getting your dress dirty to add to your album or photo book!

What is a first look?

The first look is a special private moment between the couple that takes place before the ceremony.  We have the groom with his back to the bride and get some amazing shots of her walking up behind him. After that, the groom will turn around and the photographer will capture your expressions as you see each other for the first time. After a few photos, I will leave the two of you for a moment to yourselves.

There are many reasons why I suggest doing this.  First of all, it is less stressful on both of you and you can easily express your emotions versus seeing each other for the first time at ceremony with all the people looking at you.  Second, you get more pictures, because we are not rushing and we have more time.

Please do not feel forced into this.  Each couple has their preferences, traditions and we will respect your choice.

When do you typically arrive at the wedding and what to expect on my wedding day?

I recommend scheduling photographer’s arrival 2 to 3 hours before the ceremony, depending if you are having a “first look” or not. This allows time for detail shots, such as shoes, bouquet, floral arrangements, dress, veil, cake, reception and ceremony sites, invitations/programs, close up of rings etc. These are the first things to typically get photographed so make sure they are ready to go. I also like to take pictures of the bride and groom getting ready. The bride’s and groom’s rooms need to be cleaned of all clutter such as purses, food, plastic water bottles, hangers, plastic wraps from the dresses.  You can put someone in charge of keeping the rooms clean.

I like to do as many portraits before the ceremony as possible, so we aren’t rushing in between the ceremony and reception. If you aren’t seeing each other before the ceremony, please allow at least one hour after the ceremony for your portraits. If you want to get creative shots of the Bride and Groom and/or the bridal party, then additional time is always recommended. It is very important to get these pictures! This will also help you determine what time the ceremony should start. Scheduling your outdoor wedding for late evening, about one to two hours before sunset will give you great light for your photos.

I like to get the couple alone after the ceremony for some more creative/intimate photographs but if your time is limited you might prefer to step aside sometime during the reception to take these. The few moments right before the sun goes down is the best time to take romantic pictures of the couple.

What should I wear to an engagement session?

The most important thing is to wear something you feel comfortable and confident in.  Bring different outfits to the session to choose from. Have fun with your clothing!  Layering, bright colors, and accessories are the way to go. But stay away from logos and busy patterns.  Wear heels or fun flats, but please remember that we might walk a lot so please bring some comfortable shoes as well.

What to expect at the bridal portrait session and can I take bridal portraits at the wedding instead of booking a separate session?

Chances are you will not be relaxed on your wedding day or have enough time to get your bridal portraits done. On your wedding day, it should be all about the wedding. Oftentimes there is a concern about being seen by your fiancé and the arriving guests.­­ Getting your Bridal portraits done well in advance of your wedding day means you will have a gorgeous portrait of yourself in your wedding gown to display at the reception.  Think of this fun session as a trial run for hair, makeup, and your dress as well as getting a feel for what it will be like to walk in it and sit in it. Also, whether or not your dress needs altering, etc. Bring a bouquet (can be fake), lipstick and powder for touch ups, sheet or towel to keep your dress clean.  Ask a friend or a family member to come along to help and to make your laugh! If your schedule does not allow you to schedule a separate session for bridal portraits consider adding an additional hour to your wedding coverage.

Why will I take bridal portraits or engagement session before the wedding?

I prefer to be a part of at least one portrait session with the bride and or groom because it is an important step in getting to know me as a photographer and me getting to know you as clients. It helps the wedding day run smoother because of your comfort with me. It also gives me a chance to get some creative photographs without the stress and limitations of the wedding day.  In addition you can use these pictures in a custom designed guest book. It is so much nicer and more personal to make one with your photos from engagement session or bridal portraits than buying a ready-made one.

We want you to photograph our wedding. How do we book you and what are the terms?

First, thank you! After you contact me I’ll send you a custom wedding contract. Look it over and ask any questions. Once your sign and return the contract with a 50% retainer I’ll hold your date. Two weeks prior to your wedding day, the full balance will be due.

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Do You do Prints?

You may also print your images through our in house printing service. Kindly share your requirements prior to the photo session to match the layout with your final delivery requirements print, overlay logos, frame etc…

Do you back up the images you take at weddings?

Absolutely! Even before we start editing your photos we create a backup as well during the editing process and after delivery of final files. Once all images are delivered to you it is your responsibility to make an extra backup copy. In case of a loss, damaged disc etc… at your end we would be able to recover your files from our master backup server and fees apply depending on required time to reprocess files and total data volume.

Why will I order pictures from you if I receive a DVD with hi-res images?

Even though you receive your images on a DVD it is best to order prints from us directly. We offer printing services online, to make it as simple as possible for you or your family to order prints. The prints are made in a professional lab that only prints for professional photographers to ensure that the final product is a high quality print that has the correct color and finish. I assign a specific “printer profile” that the photo lab uses to ensure that the colors look the same as they do on the screen of my color calibrated computer monitor. By ordering your prints through me you will ensure the highest print quality level possible.

If you choose to print yourself please consult with us prior to placing your order.  Be sure to instruct the photo lab NOT to use their inherent “auto correct” option! The quality of the photos will be significantly diminished otherwise!  We assume no responsibility for any photographic prints that are not printed by me or through my online gallery.

When and how can I see the final images?

In about two weeks we will send you a link to your online gallery that can be password protected which can be shared and viewed by all your family and friends. As well You will receive a DVD with high resolution images.

Will you deliver the printed products and my DVD’s overseas?

Of course we can! If you don’t live here in the UAE we can deliver your images on disc and printed products to you wherever you are in the world.
There will be a charge for this to cover the delivery companies rates, each client will get quoted accordingly.

Who chooses the photographs in the album?

We send you- the client an online contact sheet where you can select your favourite 50 shots for final editing, these will be edited for printing and album use. There is however a time limit of 2-3 weeks for this selecting process.
OR we can do this for you straight away if you are short on time or you simply trust us to have a better eye for the ‘best shots’.

Do you offer albums?

Yes. We offer custom-designed 30x30cm hardbound coffee-table photo books in leather or standard, along with a selection of other a la carte products.

What about the vintage and other looks?

There are countless ways to edit a photo. Some may appeal to one couple, while not to another. If you see a particular style you like, please let us know, and we will do our best to accommodate.

Do you shoot with flash or available light? Do you shoot in black and white also?

Both! Each and every location has different lighting. Outdoors I’ll shoot available light with some use of reflectors or diffusion. Generally indoors I use just a touch of flash bounced off a ceiling or wall. If the venue is so dark I can’t see to even focus, I’ll pre-light the venue with my lighting kit. Since I’m shooting in digital, color or black and white images can be generated from the digital files. I usually convert some of my wedding favorites to black and white. You can request other images be converted or you can order the conversion when you order prints.

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Platinum Package

  • 2x Photographers and 2x Videographers (Wedding Day)
  • Wedding film edit for 2min trailer & 5-10 min clip (draft + 2 revisions)
  • post production for images optimization workflow
  • Private online image gallery for your guests
  • delivery of final video and images on hard drive

 Prices:  8h = AED 20,000   10h = AED 23,500   12h = AED 26,000

Gold Package

  • 1x Photographer and 1x Videographer (Wedding Day)
  • Wedding film edit for 5 minutes clip (draft + 2 revisions)
  • post production for images optimization workflow
  • Private online image gallery for your guests
  • delivery of final video and images on hard drive

Prices:  4h = AED 8,000   6h = AED 12,500   8h = AED 14,000   10h = AED 16,000

Silver Package

  • 2x Photographers (Wedding Day)
  • post production for images optimization workflow
  • Private online image gallery for your guests
  • delivery of final images on disc

Prices:  4h = AED 7,500  6h = AED 9,500   8h = AED 11,500   10h = AED 13,500

 Bronze Package

  • 1x Photographer (Wedding Day)
  • post production for images optimization workflow
  • Private online image gallery for your guests
  • delivery of final images on disc

Prices:  4h = AED 4,000  6h = AED 5,500  8h = AED 7,000   10h = AED 8,000

Additional Services

 Engagement / Pre-wedding Location Session (1h = AED 1,495 / 2h = AED 2,295

20x digital images edited in Color / Black & White delivered as high & low res digital files and private online gallery

Engagement / Pre-wedding Studio Session (1h = AED 495 / 2h = AED 895)

10x digital images edited in Color / Black & White delivered as high & low res digital files and private online gallery


  • Wedding Parties over 100x guests are recommended to have 2x photographers / 2x videographers to be able to document all important moments of the Wedding Day.
  • Weddings outside Dubai will be charged travel time and expenses.
  • Our friendly team is based in our Studio in JLT and we welcome You anytime to discuss all details matching your needs accordingly.

Model Portfolio & Glamour / Family & Children / Maternity, Newborn & Babies

Usually we offer 20x final images per shooting hour, professionally edited in color and B&W in high resolution, watermark free and print ready for you to keep however You can book your session and purchase less images for a better price and have more budget left for printing your favorite photos.

1h or 2h hour photo shoot on location/studio, secure online gallery to view your final edited images and share them with friends and family, AED 100 Free Print credits to spend on your choice of print products







Purchase of # Digital Files






Studio / Location DXB - with makeup artist






Studio / Location DXB - without makeup artist






Environmental, Candid & Corporate Portraits

Kindly contact us if You have different requests like for your complete Senior Management Team and we will tailor a suitable package for You.

Up to 1hour Session (1x person only) with studio lighting and assistant, On Location: only within the area of your office, same floor, includes 5x final selected and touched up photos

On Location / Studio

Senior Photographer 3,500
Professional Photographer     5,000

Up to 1hour Session (1x person) only photographer, On Location: multiple spots, as long it will be inside or around the same building, includes 5x final selected and touched up photos

On Location

Intermediate Photographer 1,750
Senior Photographer 2,750
Professional Photographer     4,500


Conceptual & Creative Portraits

up to 2h Session with studio lights and assistant, includes 5-10x final selected and touched up photos

On Location / Studio

Senior Photographer 4,000
Professional Photographer     5,500



High Profile group photos should be done only by a senior or pro level photographer. Depending on your requirements a recce and operational meeting prior to shoot day might be needed. Below Group Photo fees include our professional advice during the recce meeting onsite as well the shoot including any preparations beforehand.

On Location

Senior Photographer 4,350
Professional Photographer     6,750


Action & Sports Portraits

Events Coverage

Photographer Level / Time 2h 4h 8h Extra hour
Senior 2,750 2,750 4,500 600
Professional (Martin Pfeiffer) 4,500 4,500 7,500 1,000


Commercial Athlete Portrait with studio lights and assistant, up to 1h Session includes 5x final selected and touched up photos

On Location / Studio

Senior Photographer 4,250
Professional Photographer     6,250


Unlimited Team Photos & individual Athletes Portraits on Location, up to 2h Session includes standard image optimization workflow

Intermediate Photographer 1,750
Senior Photographer 2,750
Professional Photographer     4,500


Terms & Conditions / Payment Details

The Invoice, Quotation, Services and/or any contractual agreement between TCB and Client shall be subject to following Terms and Conditions, unless otherwise agreed by TCB.


Client:  The Client referred to in the attached Invoice, Quotation, Services and/or any other contractual agreement.
Invoice:  Any invoice sent by TCB to the Client for Services rendered.
Quotation:  The attached Quotation, describing the Client and Services.
Services:  TCB services for which the Client wishes to receive.

1. PO:  The Client shall issue a PO and/or sign the Quotation and these Terms & Conditions two weeks prior commencement of the Services. Signed documents must be submitted to TCB via email to info@tcb-studio.com.

2. Shooting Details:  All requests for dates of a photo/video shoot as well as postponement or cancellation requests must be submitted in writing to TCB via email or international courier. The Client is fully responsible for granting the TCB team
access to the premises and pathways required for the shoot. Unless TCB is responsible for obtaining access and permits for the shoot, the Client is also fully responsible for any delays and overtime required to complete the Services, as well as any cancellations, resulting from the delays in TCB being granted access to the premises. The Client is responsible for providing a detailed brief prior to TCB performing the Services and is fully responsible for any liability arising from any information missing from the brief.

3. Post Approval Cancellation:  If the Client wishes to cancel the Services after signing the Quotation and agreeing to these Terms and Conditions, the following cancellation fees shall apply:
50% of the Quotation fee and 100% of all expenses incurred by TCB in relation to the Services up to the date of cancellation;
□    If cancelled between 6 and 14 days prior to the date of the shoot, 70% of the Quotation fee, all third party supplier fees and 100% of all expenses incurred by TCB in relation to the Services up to the date of cancellation;
□    If cancelled 5 or less days before the date of the shoot, 100% of the Quotation fee, all third party supplier fees and 100% of all expenses incurred by TCB in relation to the Services.

4. Commercial Capture Fee:  Commercial Photography Clients are charged per shot. Bookings for suppliers are limited by time. Additional fees for extra images shall apply if the Client requests extra images beyond those agreed in the Quotation. In order to release more images, a "Change of Work Order" is required. Photo files will be released and processed in jpg/tiff formats or other formats as requested by the Client. Upon request by the Client for high end retouching, TCB shall charge AED 250 per raw file delivered to the Client. This payment does not alter the usage rights for such photo files.

5. Overtime:  Standard bookings for a half day are calculated at 4 hours, and standard bookings for a full day are calculated at 8 hours. Unless otherwise agreed in the Quotation, any overtime over the standard bookings required to complete the Services shall be charged to the Client at AED 800 per hour for each person. Any other overtime charges shall be specified in the Quotation.

6. Delivery:  The following delivery charges shall apply for each item delivered in the UAE within 3-5 days via SkyCom or UPS courier:

□    AED    150 for a USB 3.0 stick up to 16GB couriered to the Client’s office;
□    AED    350 per hour for each photograph per photographer if the complete photo edit delivery is required in the same day without prior booking;
□    AED    450 for a USB 3.0 Hard Drive up to 500GB couriered to the Client’s office; and
□    AED 1,250 for each same-day delivery (rush edit and same day delivery to the Client’s office if such delivery was not part of the job brief).

7. Usage Rights:  Unless otherwise agreed between TCB and the Client prior to any final bookings, a maximum of 2 year’s standard usage license rights shall be granted to the Client. Such usage rights do not come into effect until TCB’s
invoice has been paid in full. All non¬exclusive license assignments allow TCB to reuse and relicense taken images and video footage.

8. Rejection:  The Client shall have no right to reject any images or videos if shooting was tethered or previewed with a laptop, camera screen or iPad. For all other shoots, the Client must submit any rejection claims within 3 working days from delivery of the images or videos. Such claims shall be optimized via our workflow. Upon optimization of such images or videos, TCB may provide a fee reduction or re-shoot if TCB determines that such rejections are based on a proven technical, quality issue of TCB Services.

9. Invoicing:  Unless otherwise agreed between TCB and the Client, the Client must pay TCB’s invoice in full within 30 days of the date of TCB’s delivery of all agreed materials to the Client. Payment delays beyond 30 days but less than 60 days shall be subject to a fee increase of 15% of the original invoice. Payment delays of up to 60 days shall be subject to a fee increase of 30% of the original invoice. Payment delays greater than 60 days but less than 90 days shall be subject to a fee increase of 50% of the original invoice. Payment delays greater than 120 days shall be subject to a 100% fee increase of the original invoice fee. The Client is responsible for all banking charges. If the amount due is not received by TCB in full, TCB reserves the right to not release or deliver the photos or videos, or grant the appropriate usage rights accordingly.

Unless otherwise agreed by TCB, any discounts given by TCB to quoted prices are only applicable if invoices are paid within 30 days of the date of TCB’s delivery of all agreed materials to the Client. If the invoices have not been paid within such 30 days, such discounts shall be null and void.

In circumstances in which TCB has commenced providing the Services prior to the issuance of a PO by the Client, TCB reserves the right to request 50% of the projected costs and expenses for such Services prior to the delivery of the materials to the Client.

For Clients located outside the United Arab Emirates, TCB shall invoice the Client a 50% advance payment for the Services prior to TCB’s commencement of the work. TCB reserves the right to not commence the work until such payment has been cleared with TCB. TCB shall invoice the Client for the remainder 50% of the payment prior to TCB’s final delivery of the material. TCB reserves the right to suspend delivery of the material until the remainder of the payment has been cleared by TCB.

In the event that the Services are a combination of photography, video, editing and the use of external suppliers, TCB and the Client shall agree on one of the following invoicing methods:
(1) TCB invoicing the Client for a 50% advance payment prior to TCB’s commencement of the works, or
(2) TCB invoicing the Client for the Services upon the completion of the video/filming process.

Payments by cheque are to be in favour of “THE-COOL-BOX STUDIO”.
Payments by wire transfer are to be wired to: THE-COOL-BOX STUDIO - Emirates NBD, World Trade Centre Dubai, UAE;
Currency: AED Account No: 1014837780501     IBAN No: AE230260001014837780501    Swift: EBILAEAD

10. References:  The Client shall supply TCB with a soft copy of the media forms in which the delivered images/videos have been used (banner, poster, press-ad, flyer, brochure, book, TV commercials, online, etc.), especially if retouched and reused. If the media forms delivered by TCB differ from the media forms used by the Client, TCB reserves the right to charge the Client for the difference in what the Client paid and what TCB would have charged had TCB delivered the ultimate media forms used by the Client.

11. Credits:  The Client must clearly provide credit to TCB on the media forms in the form of “©THE-COOL-BOX STUDIO – www.tcb-studio.com. Depending on image usage, such credit needs to be discussed and approved in advance, in writing by both TCB and the Client.

12. Lost Delivery Files:  Once TCB has delivered all final images/videos, whether via physical delivery or through a downloadable link or online gallery, the Client shall be responsible for the safety of such images and videos. Within 1 month of TCB’s delivery of such content, the Client may request an extra CD/DVD, or other copy of such material for AED 150. After 1 month of TCB’s delivery of such content, the content is stored in TCB’s backup storage system and the recovery fee shall be charged at AED 750 for each copy or project requested. All project/media raw files are deleted two months after TCB delivers the final, edited video.

13. Confidentiality:  TCB shall not disclose any Client information and Service details to any third parties except subcontractors which are part of the provision of the Services. Any individual or company introduced to the Client pursuant to or during the provision of the Services by “THE-COOL-BOX STUDIO or Photography Martin Pfeiffer” must be approached via “THE-COOL-BOX STUDIO" and not directly in respect of work on future assignments.

14. Intellectual Property:  TCB owns all the intellectual property rights in all the products and Services provided to the Client, including all online content, images and videos, enhancements, modifications and any other trade names and logos owned and controlled by TCB and made available to the Client through the usage license rights.

15. Termination:  TCB may terminate the Services immediately without any refund to the Client if TCB discovers that such Services shall be used by the Client in violation of these Terms and Conditions, or in violation of any relevant laws or regulations. In such circumstances, the Client shall reimburse TCB for any expenses incurred by TCB for such Services, up through the date of termination.

16. Force Majeure:  TCB shall not be liable for any delay of performance of the Services due to causes beyond its control, including but not limited to acts of the Client, acts of God, fire, flood or other catastrophes, government or statutory restrictions, national emergencies, insurrections, riots, wars, strikes or other labor difficulties. In the event of a force majeure circumstance, TCB shall notify the Client of such inability to perform the Services. If such delay exceeds a 2 month period, either party may terminate the Services without any penalty.

17. Governing Law and Disputes:  The Quotation and these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the Dubai International Financial Centre. Any dispute arising out of or in connection with these Terms and Conditions and the Quotation, including any question regarding their existence, validity or termination, shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of the Dubai International Financial Centre.

18. Indemnification:  TCB shall not be liable for any legal action, claim, and/or damages resulting from the publication of images/videos or other use of TCB Services by the Client. The Client shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless TCB and any TCB employees and affiliates from and against any and all liabilities, costs, damages and expenses (including reasonable attorney fees) resulting from the Client or any Client affiliates’ use of TCB Services or delivered products, including but not limited to any breach of these Terms and Conditions, unauthorized or illegal acts, or any violation of the UAE Cyber Crimes Law, the UAE Penal Code, the UAE Copyright Law or the intellectual property of any third party.

19. Client Liabilities:  The Client warrants, represents and undertakes that the materials submitted shall not contain anything of an obscene, blasphemous or libelous nature and shall not (directly or indirectly) infringe the intellectual property rights of any third parties.

Unless otherwise agreed by TCB, the Client, or any associated companies of the Client, agrees that they shall not, for a period of one year after termination of the Services, either directly or indirectly, on their own account or for any other person, firm or company, solicit, employ, endeavor to entice away from TCB or use the services of the employees of TCB who completed the Services. In the event the Client breaches this clause, they agree to pay TCB an amount equal to both the aggregate remuneration paid by TCB to the solicited employee for the year immediately prior to the date on which the Client employed or used the services of the solicited employee, and the equivalent of a full year’s pro-rated pay for any money paid to such employee by the Client.

If the Services are being carried out on the Client’s premises, the Client shall: (1) assign members of staff with suitable skills and experience to be responsible for TCB activities; (2) provide access including parking to such premises and any other facilities which may be reasonably required by TCB to carry out the Services; (3) provide any information that may be required by TCB to carry out the Services and ensure all such information is accurate; and (4) ensure that all necessary safety and security precautions are in place at the designated premises. The Client shall reimburse TCB for any additional expenses and costs incurred by TCB as a result of any hazardous conditions or material encountered at the designated premises for performing the Services. TCB shall not be obligated to carry out the Services if, in TCB’s sole discretion, carrying out such Services would constitute: (a) a breach of warranty, (b) a breach of intellectual property rights of any third parties, (c) an illegal act or (d) a safety hazard.


In order to serve You better we kindly ask You to read our Standard Video Project Workflow Document or visit our FAQ section at our dedicated video webpage under www.videodxb.com for more information.


Thermo DyeSub Professional PhotoLab Printer: matte or glossy high quality in-house Photo Prints

Sizes / Quantity Discounts
1 print
10+ prints / -10%
50+ prints / -20%
100+ prints / -30%
5x7in 10 9 8 7
8x10 / 8x12in
30 27 24 21

Mounting: Standard Transparent Sleeves & Cardboard Frames

Item/ Quantity Discounts
1 print
10+ prints / -10%
50+ prints / -20%
100+ prints / -30%
Transparent sleeves for 5x7in 1 0.90 0.80 0.70
Transparent sleeves for 8x10 & 8x12in
2 1.80 1.60 1.40
 Cardboard for 5x7in 10
 Cardboard for 8x10 & 8x12in  30 27

Customized Printed Frames & Canvas are available  on request, extra Graphic Design charges apply and how many You need to print.



General Photography Pricing Overview

for all kind of Events & PR Assignments in Dubai
outside Dubai extra charges apply depending on scope of work and on how remote is your location
includes selection & image optimization workflow
delivery of images via our online gallery / disc via courier within 3-5 working days

Photographer Level / Time 2h 4h 8h Extra hour
Junior 1,500 1,800 2,750 400
Intermediate 1,750 2,000 3,500 500
Senior 2,750 2,750 4,500 600
Professional (Martin Pfeiffer) 4,500 4,500 7,500 1,000
Photo Editor on site
- 850 1,500 200
Assistant & Basic Studio Lights
- 900 1,600 200
Studio Rent, Basic Studio Lights & Assistant - 1,200 1,800 250


Newborn & Children Go To Top

My child doesn’t like camera flashes. How do you work?

No problem! I prefer to work with natural light when photographing outdoors. Of course, this is not always practical indoors, so I may use a small lighting setup when needed - but I will always explain what we'll be doing and it will be as minimal as possible.

What happens if my children won’t cooperate?

Children may take a few minutes to adjust to the unfamiliar surroundings, but once they relax and start to enjoy the experience they generally agree to cooperate. We have various ways to help the process from the latest music, toys and sometimes some sweet treats!

What should I bring to the photo shoot?

We suggest that you bring any items you feel will help you at your photo shoot. For babies and children a couple of different outfit changes. Hoodies, hats and headbands work well, along with favorite toys.

What can I expect?

Your session with us is intended to be relaxed and as much fun as possible. Our style is not about impersonal studio backgrounds and making people stand around in polished poses, but there are some simple methods we use to get great shots as well as capturing you candidly as we hang out at your home, our studio, or as we're shooting in your chosen location. On arrival we'll spend some time having a chat and getting ready to start. We can help choosing outfits and accessories as we know many clients appreciate some guidance in this area. During the shoot, we take cues from you and your children and spot when you need a break, or when we need to move on and try something else.

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How should I prepare for the shoot?

Rest, hydrate and have a light meal before. As part of certain packages we will do basic makeup in the studio and in most cases also your hair. Please confirm about your hair styling and makeup requirements before the shoot. If we are doing your hair we ask that you come with hair clean and dry. Bring your preferred makeup foundation we will take care of the rest. Please pay attention to details, remove any unwanted facial or body hair, have your nails clean, use either clear or neutral polish or a color that matches your outfits. Mani/Pedi cure is also recommended.

May I use my own hair and makeup artist?

Yes, of course! If you choose this option, please make sure you arrive at our studio with your hair and makeup done.

What kind of touchups will you do on my modeling portfolio or portraits?

We do touch-ups on the final images you choose. Cover blemishes, even out skin tone, and ensure that your eyes look clear and sharp. The objective of these images is to create highly polished and perfect photos that make you look and feel great.

Can I bring someone with me to the shoot?

You are welcome to bring someone to our shoot to make you feel comfortable and safe as long as they don’t distract you or interrupt.

What should I wear in my modeling portfolio photos?

There is no strict guideline for what you should wear for modeling portfolio photos. We recommend that you bring a wide variety of clothing, so that we can get many different looks. Also, a modeling shoot gives you freedom to wear things that you might not wear on a normal day. Your wardrobe choices may be a bit more avant-garde than the usual. You can use accessories that are wild and unusual. You'll want to wear things that emphasize and showcase your most attractive physical attributes. The modeling portfolio shoot gives you permission to just go crazy and have fun in front of the camera!

Can we do our modeling portfolio shoot outdoors?

Yes we can. Please let us know in advance that this is what you'd like to do, because great outdoor photos depend a lot on the time of day and the weather. We'll have to plan for it! Also, be aware that it's harder to do hair and makeup adjustments or change your outfit outdoors, so you may not get as many different looks as you might indoors. However a great outdoor location sometimes makes it worth this sacrifice!

Can we change outfits?

Of course! In fact, we encourage it so you can have several different looks once you receive you photos. A lot of our clients like to do a most casual look & a bit fancier look.

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Will the whole world be able to see my photos afterwards?

We want to reassure you that we will treat your photos and details with complete professional confidentiality. None of your photos will ever appear on websites or in published promotional material without your authorized permission. The photos can also be made available in a secure, password protected, online gallery for you to see and share them should you so wish.

What if I get tired during the photo shoot?

As parents ourselves we know how tiring your pregnancy can be, so we take the time you need at your convenience. If you need to take a break that is fine. We recommend that you rest fully 2 hours before we arrive to make sure you are at your best.

I have stretch marks or other blemishes on my skin, the photos will look awful, won't they?

With modern computer software like Adobe Photoshop we work hard to make sure that stretch marks and other skin blemishes are completely removed. We use a variety of techniques to remove unwanted and unsightly marks, but if you want them to remain natural then please tell us.

Where will the photo shoot take place?

The photo shoot will usually take place in the comfort of your own home in surroundings that you are used to. This helps you to relax, enjoy the session and for us to get the best results with you. We have a full range of professional, portable studio lighting equipment such as studio lights and collapsible backdrops. Obviously there is a limit on how much space is required to set everything up and many more opportunities are available if You consider doing the session in our studio instead.

How much skin do I need to show?

This is totally up to you! You can show as little or as much as you wish.

I'm a little shy, will the photographer be a man?

This is a question we often get asked. Your photographer is a man, however.....he will discreetly help with posing if you wish or need advice. Of course, you may want to include your husband/partner in the photo shoot and that is also completely fine. If you’d like to, and if your husband/partner isn’t available on the day of your shoot, feel free to have a friend with you during the photo shoot instead.

What should I wear on the day?

That depends entirely on how comfortable you are with the photographs and the photographer. Before a photo shoot, I like to send the client a ‘posing guide’ which shows examples of possible shots that we can try on the day. There is a real mix of shots in the posing guide and something to suit every level of confidence. If you intend to have more natural shots, then I recommend you wear loose fitting clothes for at least 2 hours prior to the session. This makes sure that there are no marks on your skin from tight elastic and such like.

When is the best time to get my photographs taken?

Everyone is different and it is best to wait until around 30-36 week mark to make the most of your bump. Earlier than that and the belly may not be prominent enough, later than that and you may feel uncomfortable. But every woman and every pregnancy is different, so listening to your body is always a good idea. Sessions can be held in the studio, your home or on location.

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How many people can Your team comfortably handle?

The more people in the group the more preparations are needed to achieve a great looking group photo. Depending on location, lighting conditions, flat ground, available staging or staircases and available space and elevation for the photographer it might be a good idea to recce the same beforehand. We do regularly groups from around 100-300x people and occasionally extreme large groups up to 2000x people for which megaphone and a dozen of support staff are required. Kindly checkout our group photos specifically the one which symbolizes 40th anniversary of UAE National Day which was very challenging to achieve and a lot of preparation hours prior shoot and extra recce needed to happen to make this assignment a full success and a unique PR story.

What to wear?

Large groups for events like conferences, meetings, HQ, celebration should ideally wear bold brand colors or a specific events shirts, or the corporate look, uniforms… for Branch openings to memorize the occasion well.

Tips for large groups

Large groups are a little harder to coordinate, so we always recommend telling everyone to arrive 15-30 minutes early.  We take lots more photos of larger groups and less or no position changes accordingly to make sure we get all eyes open and lots of great smiles.

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Do You provide a Makeup artist?

Sure we do. However extra charges apply also depending on the package You committed to.

How many people can You fit in your studio space?

We can fit comfortably 6-8x people.

What exactly happens after my family portrait photography session?

Your photo shoot lasts one hour. Next, we process the best photographs within 2-3x working days and put together an online gallery for viewing. Here, you choose the images that you want to buy. The last thing to choose is portrait sizes, mounts and framing and whether you want digital copies. We then create your products and we contact you when they’re ready to collect or going out for delivery.

Which clothes should we wear?

Whatever you feel comfortable in, but the brighter the better; we use a white background for part of the shoot and we find that bright and vibrant colors work well with this, giving the images more impact.

What if some of us arrive early?

You may find it convenient to meet your family members at the studio, especially if you’re setting off from different places. If you want to meet here for your photo shoot that’s no problem at all. We have a lounge area with a comfortable sofa, magazines and a choice of refreshments.

What is the general order of events for your clients?

establish time, place, & get basic information
sign client agreement and pay package of choice invoice
discuss shoot style, clothing, etc
talk/email a few days before the shoot to answer any last minute questions
enjoy a fabulous portrait shoot
delivery of preview online gallery for sharing and selecting your final photos
additional print ordering

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How quick can we get the photos?

We could preview the taken photos via iPad directly onsite. After our selection and image optimization process we usually deliver your files within 2-3x working days via our online content delivery platform however we know that business requirements are often last minute like press releases or publication deadlines and in such scenarios our team is able to turn around your photos as per your needs for an extra charge depending on the volume and level of selected touch-ups and time needed therefore.

How can we reduce facial shine especially for male portraits?

Wash your face and keep it dry with tissue. Or we apply matte powder on site to look more professional and preserve the skin tones. Best option is to hire a professional make-up artist.

Can we take photos in multiple locations?

We usually like to setup our studio equipment in a dedicated room or open space to have full control about our lighting and use the same area for alternative positions like standing, sitting…. during your session. Moving, packing and setting up all these gear takes time and in the case you require multiple locations to be photographed we would bring our mobile, portable studio lighting solution which is solely battery pack powered and much easier to move around once setup. Kindly communicate your ideas prior to the shoot and booking with us to be well prepared accordingly.

How long will be the shoot?

Depending on your requirements and for example if location and lighting setup remain the same each person’s session would take around 15-30min for basic set of poses. Kindly brief us prior the shoot on your corporate standards and expectations.

How long do You need to setup at our office?

Depending on your requirements and lighting conditions at the venue it will take between 30-60min to be ready to photograph.

What to wear?

Choose clothing that flatters your figure and reflects your personality. Black and darker clothing tends to slim you out, but if you are interested in adding color, jewel tones are great to photograph. Royal blues, purples, and teals are among the top choices. We want you to be comfortable so wear something you’re comfortable wearing. Accessories like jewelry and scarves are great, but not always necessary. Do bring powder or concealer if you tend to have oily skin so we can avoid shine!

When should I be at your Studio?

Plan to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled time to make sure we have time to discuss your requirements and prepare our setup accordingly.

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Do You back up the images You take?

Absolutely! Even before we start editing your photos we create a backup as well during the editing process and after delivery of final files. Once all images are delivered to you it is your responsibility to make an extra backup copy. In case of a loss, damaged disc etc… at your end we would be able to recover your files from our master backup server and fees apply depending on required time to reprocess files and total data volume.

Do you travel and photograph outside UAE?

Of course we love to travel and have shot many times before. Additional charges for travel apply. Please email us the full details.

Do you have free car parking spaces available at your studio?

Behind the building is a large car park and a 4x floor Visitor Parking is also available.

Do you have a Studio?

Yes we do in the heart of New Dubai, Jumeirah Lakes Towers. Feel free to visit us anytime.

Will you touch up my photos?

Yes, we do professional retouching on small blemishes, dark under eyes, etc. Other than small blemishes and smoothing of certain skin areas, it is your responsibility to tell us what you want and do not want removed, lessened or retouched. We will make note of that on your order. Request for "major" retouching are extra and we will give you a quote for such work. The selection you see online are not retouched.

When can I preview my pictures?

It takes about 2-3x working days to go through the selection which we usually share via our online content delivery gallery. Now feel free to pick your best photos and inquire about additional services like retouching therefore.

Can I bring props with to my shoot?

Yes. Bring anything you feel is important to enhance your photos. Some suggestions include; instruments, uniforms, sports equipment, hats, etc...

I wear eyeglasses. Can I wear them for my shoot?

Glasses can make you look smart and professional, but they can be a challenge for a good portrait. The key to a good portrait is capturing the eyes, and eyeglasses can distort or darken them, and cause unwanted reflections. To avoid the reflections, we sometimes have to use less flattering lighting. If you have contact lenses, it is better to wear them instead. Or, ask your optometrist if they will loan you a pair of frames without lenses. They will often do this free of charge, or for a small refundable deposit. Or you can remove your lenses and maybe wear a backup pair to the studio.

Do You do outdoor Sessions?

Sure we do however outdoor sessions always depend on weather conditions.

What about the weather?

Ideally overcast days are great since the sun won't be shining in your eyes and cause squinting. Since that is very hard to determine, we make sure to find spots to avoid that. Avoid doing outdoor group photos in UAE from May until Oct with rare exceptions of very early morning or late afternoon. High temperatures and especially humidity allow only minutes to complete our task.

When is the best time to take the pictures?

Indoor: anytime during main daylight hours 9am – 5pm for a well lid indoor venues and if venue is very dark it is required to setup extra studio lights
Outdoor: we recommend early morning & late afternoons and in case it has to be around midday then it needs to be completely in shade

Do you shoot in RAW?

Yes. RAW allows us to get the best quality and image detail when were processing the photos.